Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting - Benefits:

We began offering hosting services to our customers because we were not satisfied with other hosting providers. They simply did not respond quickly enough to our clients' needs. Since RVPM Designs is primarily a software development company, our pricing model is based on our development business model.

As well as providing web hosting, we provide FTP, Email, Newletter and Web Site Statistics, we provide personal hands-on management for our customers so they can stay focused on doing their business. This reduces the burden of web site upkeep.

Although we work in Amherst, MA, we control our servers in San Antonio,TX via remote control. We can make your changes virtually immediately. We are very responsive, available during business hours, and for emergency situations evenings and weekends. We are also not so set in our ways so when you call us with an idea, you get action immediately!

RVPM Designs leases RackSpace servers to host our many web site customers. is connected to all the major internet backbone providers including AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, etc and has massive cooling and diesel powered backup units, as well as full-time 24/7 hours on-site service with a 1 hour full physical server replacement guarantee if anything breaks. Our servers use RAID technology so if one hardrive fails the backup up takes over immediately.

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