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We truly enjoy software development and the business of software. It is a refreshing honest and challenging business. 

Success is achieved through customer satisfaction. We believe good things only occur when we listen to our customers, act on what we hear, work hard, and finally pay close attention to all the fine details. WTIM Software's responsibility is to always look ahead and anticipate our customer's future needs.

WTIM Software is a fee-only development and consulting company. WTIM Software does not resell any products, nor does WTIM Software receive any commissions or discounts on any service or product we recommend to our customers. This means our advice to our clients is not swayed or affected by any vendor relationships.

Roman Victor is a Software Developer. Roman develops software in three areas: handheld computers, PC applications and web applications. His specialty is using data-centric content for rules based expert systems for medical and data analysis applications. Roman is also an amateur musician playing saxophone and baroque recorders.
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