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RVPM Designs Billing Policy

1. Hosting

RVPM Designs’ Billing Policy for Hosting: We bill clients about 45 days in advance of the hosting term expiration, and at 5 days before the expiration of your hosting term, we will give you one additional telephone and email warning. Any overdue hosting bill will result in a site shut down on the expiration day of the hosting term date, including your email service.

Since we are not perfect, any error we might create in billing will never affect your hosting. that This policy is in line with other hosting service providers.

For example:

If your hosting term runs from January 15 2012 to January 15 2013, you will have received your invoice on about Dec 1 2012, and if we have not received payment by January 10, 2013 your will get warning phone call and email on that date. If we have not received payment by the end of the day January 14, your site will be shut down the morning of January 15.

If your site is shutdown, the cost to perform a site restart only after getting payment, depends on its complexity and will be at a minimum cost $110. We accept Checks, PayPal and credit cards through PayPal sent to “Billing@RVPMDesigns.com,” as well as we support the “Square” in-person card reader account.

Funds previously paid RVPM Designs for development projects can not be applied to hosting.

2. Project Work Payments

Depending on the size of the project we require a 50-100% deposit to start work. If your firm has a good payment history we may, at RVPM Designs discretion. elect to waive deposit on new, Do-Now or short projects lasting less than 4 hours.

Estamtes and telepohne conferences used to discuss or plan new work, except on new web sites is billable time.

RVPM Designs expects full payment on each completed project with 3 business days of the completion date. Please do not ask for a project unless you have allocated the funds.

Additional work for new projects will not be allowed unless payment for the last project is received.

3. Computer Support Work

If we are not on retainer basis and you or your users call us for computer support regarding a non-email related issues expect to be billed for 60 minutes of our time or $110 per incident. If you have an ongoing support retainer on deposit you will be invoiced for these in 20 minute increments. Emergency work after normal business hours M-F 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. and on weekends the hourly rate is $155 per hour.  Travel time is reimbursed at 50% of the billing rate.

If you ask for emergency telephone advice or remote support expect to ve charged for it

Payments or deposits take for one project may not be allocated to support work.

4. Travel Time

Many of our clients like to meet in person. Travel time is billed at $55 per hour or 50% of billing rate.

4. Payments

We prefer checks made out to RVPM Designs. We do accept Visa, MasterCard as well as PayPal payments to billing@rvpmdesigns.com

We look forward to serving you. Please call us if you have any questions.

Also see: Client Project Support Loss of Connection Billing Policy


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