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Understanding Losing Your Connection

When you do lose your connection the 4 things to check are:

1. Are all other web sites down?

Try a major site like www.CNN.com. If that web site is down too, this means that it is not just your own web site that is down, but most likely a technical issue with your internet service provider. If only your RVPM Designs hosted site is down, call us immediately at the office and cell number below. We answer the phone 24/7.  

We do have 24-hours-a-day automated watches on your web server for that same purpose.

Short Outages: RVPM Designs does, on occasion, take the liberty, usually just once or twice a month, to restart your web server. Mainly this task is used to complete installation of various upgrades to your server's software. Restarts take about 2-3 minutes. During that time webmail will be down.

2. Is the computer next to you unable to “see” the internet too?

If this is the case, maybe your ISP (Internet Service Provider) bill (Comcast, Charter, SBC Global, etc.) was not paid, or there is an active localized outage. If it is just your computer - restart it.

If it is both computers, you need to check cables, and restart your cable/dsl modem (1st), any network routers and switches (2nd), and then your computer (3rd). This works most of the time!!! 

Note: Computer routers and hubs (sometimes called “switches”) in general have a high failure rate. This is due to lightning, electrical surges, and internal high operating temperatures.  The ones that we use only seem to last 2 years or less. Still, recycling the power can frequently help get you back online. Your area may be notorious for bad quality electricity, so Uninterruptible Power Supplies or at the least EMF surge protector power strips are a must.

3. Call a friend next door. Ask if their computers are “down” too?

If this is the case, maybe there is an active outage in town due to a telephone pole being down or there is some local ISP service work going on.

4. Finally, call the people in the next town.

If they are down too, or even more ominously, you cannot reach them, consider that it might be a weather emergency or the start of The Rapture*. But since you are still here, and since we are still here, and we know we might not be going to heaven despite all our good deeds, we will be down here with you, so you can just call us, and we can work out the technical problems over the phone, or at least we can try to sound sympathetic. Or you can try your local computer guy.

*If you are offended by any Rapture references, please let us know, and we will turn off the tongue in cheek humor.

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