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Understanding User Support

Short Version:

1. RVPM Designs hosted email-configuration support is free.

2. When Email Support morphs into General Support: IF while doing email configuration support work, you ask for, or need additional tech support there will be a minimum charge of $55.

3. RVPM Designs encourages our customers to use local support technicians for General Computer Support: IF you do call on us for support not related to email configuration a minimum 1 hour support call will be charged to you at $110.

4. Who Pays: IF this work is performed on a home computer and even if you are employed by or a subscontractor to a RVPM Designs client company, the provided work will be your personal responsibility, unless a prior arrangement is in place with the RVPM Designs' client company unless we are asked by our primary client contact to "just fix the problem."

5. Support for RVPM Designs Developed Systems: RVPM Designs developed software, systems, web site support and groupware training is usually billed at actual time or in some cases covered by RVPM Designs' errors or ommissions policy*.

Long Version:

1. As your email provider, RVPM Designs endeavors to keep everyone’s email connected and configured properly. We are happy to oblige email-configuration support as part of your managed hosting service agreement. However, we find our email-configuration support calls turn into general PC technical calls. Unfortunately, predicting when this will happen before a call is resolved is nearly impossible, and since our time is our livelihood we can no longer afford to be as generous in these situations as we have been in the past. 

2. RVPM Designs’ business focus is developing computer software as well as developing and hosting web sites. RVPM Designs business generally does not providing computer technical support though we acknowledge getting your complex systems to work together sometimes requires our extensive experience beyond PC repairs.

3. With this in mind, we want to clarify and gain a mutual understanding in regards to our support: If a support email-configuration issue for you turns into a general technical support call we, like all other technical service providers, must be paid for our time doing general technical support.

4. Be assured we want to maintain our comfortable relationship with our customers and continue to welcome your great suggestions and guidance. We will always do our best to inform you as soon as we see a general computer technical support situation coming up so you can decide if you want to continue the support session. We will continue providing you with RVPM Designs hosted email-configuration technical support at no charge.

5. In detail, RVPM Designs' revised policy will be that if an email-configuration support call turns into a general technical support call, please expect to be billed for a minimum of 30 minutes or $55.

6. There will always be some give and take on this, but since we are primarily software developers and integration specialist, we encourage you to work with one of your areas’ local computer technicians for your non-email technical support issues. Finally, we find our customers really like the fact that we understand their business and their computers and that we usually do “answer the phone.”

7. So, if you call on us for support on a non-email related issue, expect to be billed $110 per incident, as well as the proportion of any additional time exceeding one hour. This does not apply to support for RVPM Designs' developed software or ongoing projects where generally our time is billed at hours worked or a retainer is in place for general support.

8. These changes take effect August 20, 2013. Thank you for understanding the necessity of these changes. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.

Also see: Client Project Support*


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